“InterSolve is... neither an interim management firm nor a consulting firm, but a unique blend of both elements.”
– Dallas Morning News

Results: Experience

From projects of wits and brains to assignments involving complex organizations with large systems of people, InterSolve Group offers a broad range of capabilities and achievements that are not bound by industry or function. We work closely with chief executive officers and top management to achieve the strategic objectives of your organization. Among our client achievements are the following:

Large Public Corporations

Led four teams comprised of 26 people, only one of whom had been met previously, in earning $14 million in 90 days for a major financial institution through business process re-engineering.

  • Assisting the senior marketing executives of a global corporation with over $50 billion in sales in developing and executing the sales strategy for new multimillion-dollar products
  • Converting tens of billions of dollars of investments and money market liabilities to a new information technology system by meeting multiple conversion milestones to the day while reducing operating risk, staying within budget, and sharply shortening the cycle time of implementation. InterSolve Group achieved these results by selecting and leading the best available talent experienced in a wide range of investments, complex computing systems and intricate transaction processes of trading floors.
  • Assisting a corporate litigation team with defense strategy, analysis of key business issues and courtroom presentation in avoiding $264 million of claimed damages

Private Companies

Enabled astute investment in human capital by having InterSolve Group conduct valuable career development processes customized to each of 59 senior executives.

  • Identifying business initiatives involving critical high technologies with one of the world's prominent industrialists
  • Aligning customer satisfaction, corporate profitability, organizational structure and incentive compensation with the chief executive of a growing telecommunications company

Small Innovative Enterprises

InterSolve Group has negotiated information technology outsourcing agreements for several leading mid-sized companies.

  • Arranging strategic business alliances for the manufacturer of industrial equipment used with advanced materials
  • Enabling the transition from founder-based management to executive leadership, for the Board of Directors of one of Forbes 200 best small companies, with a cohesive strategic agenda and a renewed bias to action
  • Organizing the strategic planning for an international food products enterprise