InterSolve Group Inc.

3740 Holland Avenue, 2D
Dallas, Texas 75219

Phone: 202.550.0011

“InterSolve Group raises the virtual-corporation several notches. Its
sterling client list suggests some people understand the value of InterSolve's imaginative network-creation skills."
– Tom Peters

There is an alternative to large service firm fixed costs and slow pace. There is a unique executive resource that with the formation of teams, the prompt execution and implementation of key strategies and the subsequent disbursement of the team, can create a measurable difference in your organization's performance. To learn more about the alternative solutions we offer and to discover how you can make the best use of this unique resource, please contact us. Just as there is no end to the challenges your organization will face there is also, no limit to what can be accomplished.

If you would like to contact InterSolve Group by phone please call 202.550.0011 or if you prefer you can fill out the information form below and Edward R. (Ted) McPherson will contact you soon.