“InterSolve doesn't maintain a stable of MBA troubleshooters, ready to provide predictable, off-the-shelf solutions... Instead, it quickly draws together managers, technical experts, marketers - whatever and whenever a client project requires.”
-Tom Peters

Areas of Focus

Drawing from the achievements of InterSolve Group in those areas of most concern to today's business leaders, InterSolve Group executes solutions on a broad range of leadership assignments.

Strategy & Organization

  • Conducting virtual enterprise
  • Creating strategic business alliances
  • Changing the corporate culture
  • Integrating acquisitions, mergers, and systems directly related to core businesses
  • Serving as a sounding board for top management, counseling senior executives and facilitating strategic planning

Financial Management & Information Technology

  • Developing financial management systems which support creativity, vision, and flexibility in the organization
  • Providing high returns on investments in information technology
  • Helping organizations become nimble and opportunistic in strategic financial transactions
  • Creating balance sheet efficiency through minimizing working capital requirements
  • Preserving financial flexibility

Human Resources

  • Customizing development and retention of the best senior management people available
  • Conducting senior management assessments
  • Strengthening the enterprise through the selective investment in human capital for both long-term and interim management
  • Developing, motivating and retraining small cadres of successor management to increase corporate effectiveness in the changing business environment

Sales & Marketing

  • Raising the visibility and projecting the image of the corporation and its products
  • Maintaining and expanding worldwide market share
  • Understanding and anticipating changes in consumer demand
  • Implementing new marketing and sales initiatives and strategies