InterSolve Group... has made a business out of
promoting... alliances, working with chief executives to assemble teams from diverse sources to create new business opportunities."
– Reuters

September 2016

Pioneering the "Gig Economy"

InterSolve Group’s innovative JUST-IN-TIME TALENT™ is now ingrained in American corporate culture!

InterSolve Group started producing extraordinarily valuable business results “on demand” in 1991 by leading high-performing project teams of the best available talent customized from multiple sources, including hand-picked partnering companies, unique enterprises of exceptionally talented people, and top-ranked specialists.

Clients include Ross Perot, Eli Broad, IBM, Trammel Crow, Verizon, State Street, and enterprises ranging among large public companies, major financial institutions, and prominent entrepreneurs in the United States.

Producing compelling results for such demanding clients varies widely, for example, from creating strategic alliances and new ventures, to installing large-scale information technology systems, improving heavy manufacturing processes – even achieving breakthrough results for massive Federal government departments.

Concurrently, full-time, lifetime employment in the corporate world has declined as a core ingredient of competitiveness. More people now have careers without having a full-time job or a single employer. Corporate survival requires conducting business “in scale without size” with speed and good execution in global labor markets experiencing a protracted war for the most effective, experienced, and interpersonally astute talent.

At the same time, growth of the Internet, mobile computing, and creative software have supported new ways of conducting business and serving customers.

Who is benefiting?

  • Shareholders benefit from optimizing investments in human capital by delivering focused results at a constructively aggressive pace and skillful execution without imbedding long-term structural costs;
  • Professionals benefit from balancing their lifestyle, working with and learning from effective and experienced teammates, and often making more money than choosing a rigid and narrow world of work.

Edward R. (Ted) McPherson, Chief Executive Officer of InterSolve Group, Inc., is widely recognized for pioneering the “Gig Economy”, as he was initially highlighted for his innovation by prominent business writer John Byrne inside Business Week’s cover story “Virtual Corporation” in 1993 and in 1994 by management expert Tom Peters in his newsletter On Achieving Excellence in “The JUST-IN-TIME TALENT Network”.

Mr. McPherson summarized in 1997 the trends leading to a “Gig Economy” already well underway not fully recognized in “A Sense of Where You Are”, and he has frequently spoken in detail to many prominent audiences about innovatively producing compellingly valuable results by leading JUST-IN-TIME TALENT™ for major clients.

By 2000 Mr. McPherson was a nominee in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program in the Southwest area of the United States. In 2001 what has become the “Gig Economy” was described by author Daniel Pink in Free Agent Nation and subsequently documented by others ever since.

Edward R. (Ted) McPherson and InterSolve Group... truly an innovative “gig” benefiting astute clients for the past 25 years well before there was a “Gig Economy”.

Edward R. (Ted) McPherson
Chief Executive Officer
InterSolve Group, Inc.