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October 2015

The Grandeur of Life

To think is the crowning glory of life. To know is the sweetest fascination of life. To do is the ever-freshening brilliance of life. And to think, to know, and to do are the fullness, completeness, and grandeur of life.”

— Edward McPherson, 1830-1895

In September 2015 my wife Sally and I had the honor of hosting fifty distinguished guests from around the United States for a mini-reunion of the Williams College class of 1967 for a weekend of friendship and fun at our historic home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, built by my great-grandfather Edward McPherson in 1870.

Beautiful weather added to everyone’s enjoyment of dinners, tours of the Visitor Center and Museum and the Gettysburg Battlefield, including walking across the site of Pickett’s Charge, as well as shopping and just hanging out.

Many stories were related during our two days together, including from our family’s history and about the causes and consequences of the American Civil War period. For me, the best stories arose from my college classmates and their spouses and partners---who are fulfilled and blessed from living invented lives as Warren Bennis said, “...without borrowed postures, second-hand ideas, or fitting in instead of standing out.”

We are a transformational (and modest) group with “experience disproportionate to our age”, widely known as people of character and courage who value a lifetime of learning grounded in the elasticity of a superb liberal arts education. At Williams College ours was the first group not to join fraternities, entered as one of the last all-male classes, and served in the military or made other choices during the height of the Vietnam War.

The United States---and in some cases the World---are better as a result of the professional accomplishments and positive personal impacts made by members of the Class of 1967 and our spouses and partners in widespread communities.

As we approach our 50th Reunion in 2017, we treasure the relationships sustained for many years, and still being created today, among a diverse, inclusive, and joyful group of people.



Williams College Class of 1967 in Gettysburg