InterSolve Group... has made a business out of
promoting... alliances, working with chief executives to assemble teams from diverse sources to create new business opportunities."
– Reuters

May 1999

Outsourcing World Achievement Award

Edward R. McPherson, Chief Executive Officer of InterSolve Group, received Special Recognition recently for his " personal contributions to advancing... outsourcing as a means of helping companies improve performance, profitability, and shareholder value" as part of the initial Outsourcing World Achievement Award program.

This prestigious and innovative recognition is based on Mr. McPherson's achievements relative to five criteria:

  • Demonstrating the power of outsourcing for organizational change, competitive advantage, and shareholder value;
  • Creating innovation, breaking new ground, and establishing a new standard for achievement;
  • Setting a foundation upon which others can build for the future;
  • Having industry-wide recognition for impact on the field;
  • Representing an ongoing contribution to the industry.

The Outsourcing World Achievement Award is sponsored by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Michael Corbett.

InterSolve Group is currently in its eleventh year of executing the agenda of chief executive officers by leading high-performing project teams of JUST-IN-TIME TALENTSM and conducting virtual enterprise.

Recent Client Successes

  • An InterSolve Group project team of JUST-IN-TIME TALENT this month successfully completed the conversion of tens of billions of dollars of investments and money market liabilities to a new information technology system as a business partner with one of America's largest financial institutions and a software provider.This project team accomplished its goal of "making it look easy" by meeting multiple conversion milestones to the day while reducing operating risk, staying within budget, and sharply shortening the cycle time of implementation.InterSolve Group achieved these results by selecting and leading the best talent available experienced in a wide range of investments, complex computing systems, and intricate transaction processes of trading floors.
  • Another accomplished business leader is investing astutely in the human capital of his company by having InterSolve Group conduct valuable career development processes customized to each of fifty-nine senior executives.

And so excellence comes in many forms — with leadership, the best available talent, good execution, and speed from InterSolve Group exceptional results become routine for competing effectively in today's business world!

InterSolve Group, Inc.