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promoting... alliances, working with chief executives to assemble teams from diverse sources to create new business opportunities."
– Reuters

January 2018

Winter Study Course at Williams College Taught by Ted McPherson

In January 2018 I taught an inaugural one-month Winter Study Course at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts entitled, “Practical Preparation for Working After Williams: Standing Out Instead of Fitting In!”

Students enhanced their own practical professional competencies and personal attributes by gaining specific, valuable skills relevant for success in the real world of work.

Challenging and enjoyable sessions were conducted focusing on character, interpersonal astuteness, communicating skills, leading effective change, financial literacy, decision-making under pressure, and thinking critically about and acting intentionally for personal development.

The students prepared for lively class discussions by reading several books (The Headmaster; Killer Angels; Breaking Through) and various articles, watching selected videos, understanding techniques from a workbook on finance, accounting, and investing, completing a Birkman assessment on-line, as well understanding wide-ranging human performance through an encapsulated case study of the people at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Knowledge was transferred in the classroom through fast-paced, concise lectures, live discussions via Skype with seven world-class guest speakers, individual communications exercises in presenting, interviewing, and strategic selling, role-playing, and personal mentoring. A social event enabled practice in networking, as well as learning about the extensive internships and other resources available year-round from an excellent Career Office at Williams College.

Students also prepared a 5-page paper that was work-shopped in a tutorial peer evaluation format prior to submission. A one-page personal development action plan was also prepared in order to provide private feedback.

In short, the course received outstanding evaluations due to its practical content and conduct, excellent guest speakers, and purposeful collaboration by students knowing how to be a “good teammate”.

Can’t wait to offer it again in January 2019 to another group of Williams students!