InterSolve Group... has made a business out of
promoting... alliances, working with chief executives to assemble teams from diverse sources to create new business opportunities."
– Reuters

December 1995

Good businesses are built on trends already underway which are not full recognized!

Key trends apparent today include:

  • The rise of flexible workforces and emerging new workplaces;
  • Innovative structures such as virtual enterprises, modular corporations, alliances, etc.;
  • Electronic commerce as effective infrastructures;
  • Refreshing leadership styles for energizing people.

Customers of InterSolve Group value our practical ability to integrate these trends into a compelling professional service which results in:

  • Doing more with less and conducting business in scale without size
  • Achieving a high return on human capital by executing custom solutions on demand

By leading numerous focused teams of JUST-IN-TIME TALENT and conducting virtual enterprise for seven years with chief executive officers, major entrepreneurs, and other business leaders, InterSolve Group has gained widespread recognition in Business Week,Tom Peters' On Achieving Excellence and his Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations, Reuters, and, most important, from our satisfied customers.

Recent specific highlights of creating shareholder value with our customer relationships include:

  • Assisting an "entrepreneur-of-the-year" in one of America's fastest growing manufacturers deliver exceptional customer service through information technology;
  • Participating in implementing the first small business credit card for the customer base of one of the largest commercial banks in the United States;
  • Consolidating an operations site in Arizona into a centralized facility in California rapidly and error-free;
  • Assisting a prominent international investor in restructuring an important operating company;

. . . and so forth.

With proper leadership, the best available talent, good execution, and speed from InterSolve Group, exceptional results are possible in competing in today's business world!